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imageThe Plan already has many success stories (in the thousands) from customers in 104 different countries. Participants will learn everything they need to succeed using crypto bots throughout six training sessions. The Plan teaches participants how to convert their money (fiat) into crypto and create crypto bots that make $14-$200 per day, regardless of whether the coin’s price goes up or down. When customers try out The Plan and make money within the first few minutes of doing it, they’re hooked!

It’s not just about having a bot. "Dan Hollings is the foremost expert in using crypto bots. It’s about how you use the bots," Fladlien said. "There is the setup, and then there is the do-nothing period where money just rolls in. There are other phases in the plan beyond this, but Hollings is the expert to turn to for creating truly passive income." He has done more than 10,000 automations. Hollings is the top person in the world at this. When it comes to their arbitrage bot, it is a little bit more complicated than other crypto arbitrage bots we’ve talked about on this list, but with great risk comes great reward, and with a bot like this, you are easily going to be able to maximize your profits.

✅ A reasonable number of grid: kucoin When the grid is too tight, the profits in a single grid will be quite low, barely covering the trading fee in the worst case; but when set too wide, the funds cannot be fully utilized. When trading cryptocurrency manually, you are forced to constantly monitor the state of the market, and this not only takes time and patience, but also often turns into serious stress. With a trading bot, you have to sit at the computer much less, which means you can spend the freed up time on other things or Kucoin leisure.

Around 95 percent of people lose money in crypto trade bot simply by buying and selling at the wrong time. However, in the volatile crypto market, it’s impossible to know how low the bottom will be and if the price will remain stable. As it is still in its infancy, there is still a lot that needs to happen for the market to stabilize. Normally, to make money with crypto trading, the strategy is to buy low and sell high. ✅ A reasonable price range: If the price range is too vast, your funds won’t be effectively utilized, while when it’s too small, even small price fluctuations can drive the bot to leave the range.

For the big users there is the Maxiumum plan of $100 a month. This bot is currently 100% free if you are using less then 5 bots/ crypto trade bot trading pairs. For 15$ a month you get up to 49 different bots (Basic plan).

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