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You can also set your trading strategy to trade on longer term timeframes. Trading bot can help you take advantage of the short-term swings and maximize your gains. The crypto market has wild swings and things can change every 5 minutes. You can customize your trading strategies further and also request customization to your bot. The keyword here is volatility, which can be a double-edged sword. Unlike swing trading, day trading involves the buying and selling of assets on the same day.

Play your cards right and you stand to make a bundle via day trading, but you can easily lose your shirt with just a few missteps. Swing trading generally includes technical analysis (studying statistical trends involving price and volume) and fundamental analysis (determining whether an asset is over- or under-valued) as well as a sound understanding of risk/reward ratio when considering when to enter and exit a trade (i.e. stop loss and profit targets). As the phrase implies, risk allocation is where the bot distributes risk according to a specific set of parameters and rules set by the trader, which typically includes how and to what extent capital is allocated when trading.

With the app open, go to trading bot. Click on classic grid, and below you will see in daily ranking and 7 days ranking the best bots with their performance . Now, I recommend you to look for a cryptocurrency that you know or have analyzed and not simply copy the bot that has performed better in the daily ranking. Click Here To Become An Affiliate! For every customer you refer, get a 66% commission ($10) the first month and 33% recurring commissions ($5) every month afterwards!

We're proud to say that crypto trade bot Booster offers one of the best recurring affiliate programs in the cryptocurrency space! In addition, API keys are stored using 256-bit encryption. Crypto Booster only allows Trade-Only API keys. If you liked this information and you would certainly like to receive more details relating to Kucoin kindly go to our own web site. Crypto Booster NEVER has the ability to withdraw your funds. We will reject any keys with withdrawal permissions. Crypto Booster also supports IP address whitelisting in conjunction with exchanges that support this feature.

ZenBot is a popular crypto trade bot trading bot that has been around for a while. ZenBot stands out from its peers for the high number of supported exchanges and its array of advanced features, which include paper trading to test strategies in real-time, configurable order types, and a flexible sample period and trade frequency. We are constantly trying to improve and crypto bot add more features to make Crypto Booster the best crypto trading bot out there!

imageOther features such as whitelisting or blacklisting specific coins to rebalance into and a backtesting tool, are planned as well. We plan to add support for more cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex and Binance US. iTradeAI™ Crypto Software is programmed with a custom unique algorithm that compresses many technical indicators into one simple and easy momentum status for easy understanding.

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