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Независимо от того, новичек Вы или эксперт, вы сможете найти все торговые стратегии, необходимые для торговли криптой на Pionex. NEW YORK, Oct 6 (Reuters) - Bitcoin surged on Wednesday to its highest level in five months, as market sentiment continued to improve due in part to news a hedge fund controlled by billionaire investor George Soros trades bitcoin. In terms of inflows relative to assets under management, Polkadot and Solana continue to be the winners, with inflows representing 8.6% of AUM, or $11.5 million, and 5.9% or $14.6 million, respectively, last week.

imagePionex - восходящая звезда, предоставляющая 13 торговых инструментов и приобретающая множество пользователей каждый год, в 2021 году становится популярной с объемом торгов 5 миллиардов долларов США в месяц. NEW YORK, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Cryptocurrency products and funds posted record inflows in the first 11 months of the year, as institutional investors flocked into the space despite price declines in the last few weeks, data from digital asset manager CoinShares showed on Monday.

Ben McMillan, chief investment officer at IDX Digital Assets, a factor-based crypto trade bot index strategy, noted that based on an analysis of on-chain data, he is seeing a steady rise in the number of new bitcoin addresses, after a huge drop-off in the first half of the year, as well as an increasing number of bitcoin moving off exchange. If you think the crypto will skyrocket, then just buy the underlying as you’ll make more from a parabolic rise if you own 100% of the crypto rather than purchasing small bits at various levels (you’re also taking on more risk if it falls).

"Bitcoin performs historically well in October, which almost makes the rising ... I've been saying repeatedly since the summer that I expect a new all-time high in October," said Ruud Feltkamp, CEO of cloud-based automated crypto trading bot Cryptohopper. price now a self-fulfilling prophecy. "We own some coins - not a lot," Dawn Fitzpatrick, kucoin trading bot the fund's chief executive, was quoted as saying. According to reports on Wednesday, Soros Fund management confirmed at a Bloomberg summit that the fund is trading bitcoin.

И ваша учетная запись также защищена с помощью проверки электронной почты, двуфакторной авторизации от Google, личного кода доступа и белого списка вывода средств. Криптовалюта в вашем кошельке Pionex надежно хранится в Binance и Huobi Global, которые обладают первоклассным уровнем безопасности.

imagePionex является одним из крупнейших брокеров Binance и одним из крупнейших маркет-мейкеров Huobi в Мире. Бот позволяет вам безопасно и автоматически торговать такими монетами, как Биткоин, Эфириум, Dogecoin и тд. Pionex - бесплатная версия приложения позволяет работать с 16 ботами, старт и конец работы которых можно очень гибко настраивать.

Your floating PNL is the profit or loss you have that is from your first entry point. If you have a large drawdown, your floating P&L will be negative, and subtracted from any grid profit you made. The idea here is to wait it out, and let the underlying return to a level your comfortable closing out the trade. Hopefully over time, even if the crypto you choose is below your entry point, the grid profits can make up for a potentially negative PNL.

There are 2 types of profits you’ll see in my examples below, grid profit , and floating PNL .

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