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3 months agoAfter you got your account, you can deposit crypto trade bot inside the platform using deposit menu. Suggested to send USDT using TRC20 for a low fee transaction. You can deposit any amount, for testing out you can even use $10. Easy to set up in Coinrule. You don’t know how the AI decides, but it does have a built in risk management which is the key point here. Otherwise, 3commas is a black box grid setup. If you prefer to use technical analysis, scalping Bollinger bands is always a fair game.

If you need more granular control you would use our standard trade bot. This crypto bot allows you to select technical indicators, chart times, add insurances, kucoin trading bot and add safeties to tailor a scalping strategy to your specific needs. Cryptocurrency trading bots are a kind of automation that makes it simpler for you to execute trades based on certain criteria. Using an Application Programming Interface (API), a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other, these software programs may connect to the exchanges you’re already using and execute certain trading methods on your behalf to generate profits consistently.

Our scalp trading bot executes a historically proven, lower-risk, and short-term trading strategy that makes smaller profits with less risk. The scalp trade bot makes this strategy happen by quickly initiating and closing a series of small trades. Over the course of your bot’s trading session, the profit from each of the trades can generate steady profit margins. Below, we’ve highlighted some suggestions and recommendations regarding choosing the best trading bots that are worth keeping in mind throughout your cryptocurrency trading journey in order to maximize your profits.

A successful trending grid strategy can be buying every touch of lower Bollinger band and selling every touch of the upper Bollinger band. A successful flat grid strategy is, after identifying a range, scattering buy orders within a set distance from the support and scattering sell orders within a set distance from the resistance. Secondly, traders and investor cannot dedicate too much of time to trades 24/7 in the cryptocurrency market in order to achieve the best result.

It takes quite time to process information, opening the platform, and decides where to trades manually. The issues with general traders, they cannot quickly reacts to the market action. Crypto trading bot is a programmed application or platform that run cryptocurrency trades in an exchange with predefined variable with automated and continuous run time. If you do not want to bother setting up the rules at all, just use 3commas. The bot uses machine learning to scatter your orders through the range.

2 years agoThe only thing it wants you to choose is the range within which to trade. prijs is de laagste aankoopprijs. prijs, als de tokenprijs uw instelling overschrijdt, worden er geen orders meer uitgevoerd. Als de tokenprijs lager wordt dan dat, wordt de grid trading gestopt totdat de prijs weer binnen het bereik komt. Hetzelfde geldt voor Max.

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