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You can also choose which pair you want, like BTC, MXR, DAG, EOS, LTC. The platform provides for more than 750 trading pairs and more than 380 currencies. You can also get tokens like OMG, KCS, DADI, kucoin trading bot etc. At the time of writing this article, KuCoin has more than eight million customers. KuCoin claims that every one in four crypto holders across the world uses its service. This means that there’s high liquidity . A strong user base means high liquidity. Our bot makes your trading simple and comfortable!

We’ve created a clear and transparent bot that conducts transactions according to the parameters you set, and because RoyalQ bot is fully automated, it can help you to generate maximum and consistent trading profits. RoyalQ is a trading bot that helps trade buying and selling with a spot trading system, not arbitrage nor futures. Traders should be aware however, that the platform is limited to spot trading only, meaning that margin, futures and options trading, as well as crypto lending and staking are unavailable, with some coins not accessible in certain locations on’s whitelists.

imageHowever,’s range of tradable coins and competitive fees often attracts advanced traders looking to chase lesser-known coins on a centralized exchange. A trading bot is a way to make profits without observing the market. KuCoin has a built-in trading bot that is entirely free of charge. The users can directly start to use it if they have the amount to invest in. Almost every exchange platform provides this service, but with the help of a third party.

Once the form has been filled, log in. Create an account with the distributed KEY. Download the authentication app to your mobile or desktop. To disable two factor authentication, head to settings, two factor authentication and click disable with the valid TOTP. There, enter the TOTP code to complete log in. Enter the code generated by the app on the TOTP blank. When logging in next time, you will see a page titled: User login – 2nd Step after entering email and password correctly.

Head to and click sign up. After log in, click the settings tab to enable two-factor authentication to further protect your account. Add this bot to the friend list Setup your trade link by pasting it in the chat with no command. EXAMPLE: !sell 200 ETH EXAMPLE: !sell MAX ETH Accept the trade offer bot sent you Withdraw your crypto trade bot with command !withdraw - how much crypto you want to withdraw OR word MAX to withdraw all of your balance - which crypto you want to withdraw.

You can find it here Use command !sell - how many keys you want to sell OR word MAX to sell all of your keys in your inventory - which crypto balance you want to gain. - the crypto address OR your Coinbase email address to avoid fees EXAMPLE: !withdraw 0.01 BTC 1JmYrFBLMSCLBwoL87gdQ5Qc9MLvb2egKk EXAMPLE: !withdraw MAX BTC 1JmYrFBLMSCLBwoL87gdQ5Qc9MLvb2egKk Your crypto should be sent within 1-30 minutes. The bot automatically performs averaging techniques when a price drop occurs.

imageThe bot comes with complete features and tools just to help you maximize your trading profits.

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